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When a tooth grows partially into the mouth or it does not fully grow into the mouth, the tooth is said to be impacted in the gums. This is a common occurrence and it is mostly seen with wisdom teeth, but it would not be uncommon to see it with the canine teeth. The canine teeth are the point teeth in the front of your mouth that allow you to be able to break down and chew your food, especially tougher pieces of meat.

A tooth can become impacted for several different reasons, which include:

  • There are additional teeth or there is a lack of adult teeth
  • The tooth is unable to follow the proper growth track
  • Pathological grows block the ability for the tooth to erupt properly
  • There is insufficient space in the mouth that causes overcrowding of teeth

If you think that you may have an impacted tooth, you will need to come into our Oakland or San Francisco office to receive a thorough and comprehensive examination. Dr. Brand Kang is our trained oral surgeon and he will take x-rays of your mouth to determine whether or not the tooth is impacted.

It is important for you to seek out care for an impacted tooth as leaving it impacted can lead to future issues, which may require orthodontic treatment.

Exposure and Bonding Treatments in Oakland and San Francisco

The most commonly used treatment methods for impacted teeth is the exposure and bonding method. What this means is that your oral surgeon will work closely with your orthodontist to help align your teeth into the proper position. This will allow for the impacted tooth to erupt properly.

For this process to take place, your orthodontist will place braces on your teeth, which will then move the fully grown in teeth into their correct, aligned position within the mouth. This allows for the impacted tooth or teeth to grow into their natural position. The next step in the process is to see an oral surgeon, such as Dr. Brandon Kang, who will expose the tooth or teeth that are impacted and attach the tooth to an orthodontic bracket.

The bracket is a small chain that is placed onto the surface of the tooth and it will gently be pulled by your orthodontist to encourage the impacted tooth, which is now erupted to grow and move into place over time.

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If you have an impacted tooth or you are worried that your teeth did not fully grow into your mouth properly, now is the time to call Pacific Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center. We are committed to making sure that your teeth all grow into your mouth properly and in the correct position.

We offer treatment such as exposure and bond here in our San Francisco, CA office and our Oakland, CA office. Call now to schedule your appointment with Dr. Brandon Kang.

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