Facial Scanner

Introducing the cutting-edge facial scanner at our oral surgery practice! Our state-of-the-art facility embraces innovation to deliver unparalleled care and precision for our patients. This advanced technology revolutionizes the patient experience, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in treatment planning and execution.

  • Precision Imaging: The facial scanner utilizes high-resolution imaging to capture detailed facial structures, allowing Dr. Brandon Kang to analyze the patient’s anatomy with remarkable precision. By creating a 3D model of the patient’s face, we can accurately assess bone structure, soft tissue contours and overall facial symmetry.
  • Customized Treatment Planning: With the data obtained from the facial scanner, our oral surgeon and team can tailor treatment plans to each patient’s unique facial anatomy. Whether it is dental implants, orthognathic surgery or facial reconstructive procedures, our team can design personalized solutions that optimize results and patient satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Communication: The facial scanner facilitates clear communication between us and the patient, enabling them to visualize the proposed treatment outcomes. Through detailed simulations and virtual representations, patients gain a deeper understanding of their treatment options, fostering confidence and trust in our approach.
  • Streamlined Workflow: By integrating the facial scanner into our practice, we streamline workflow processes, minimize wait times and enhance overall efficiency. This translates to shorter treatment durations and quicker recovery times for our patients, ensuring a seamless experience from consultation to post-operative care.

At Pacific Dental Implants & Oral Surgery Center, we are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional care and results. Experience the future of oral surgery with our advanced facial scanner in Martinez, California, where precision meets innovation for unparalleled patient outcomes. Call us at 925-351-1187 to schedule your consultation to learn more.

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