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More than 35 million people in the United States have surgical procedures each year. Anesthesia allows medical professionals to perform complicated surgeries safely and without pain for their patients. Brandon Kang, DDS leads a team that includes licensed anesthesiologists at the Pacific Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center in Oakland, California. Take care of your oral health and make an appointment today. Call the practice or book through the online inquiry form.

Anesthesia Q&A

What is anesthesia?

Medical professionals use anesthesia to put their patients into a sleeplike state during procedures that are easier to perform if the patient is unconscious.

An anesthesiologist is a specialist trained in delivering anesthesia. They administer it intravenously (IV) or through inhalation, using their expertise to create the optimal combination of medicines.

The team at Pacific Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center consists of anesthesiologists and doctors who hold general anesthesia licenses. For certain cases that will require bigger incisions and longer surgery time, a medical anesthesiologist will provide the general anesthesia. For minor procedures such as wisdom teeth removal or implant surgery, Dr. Kang, who holds the general anesthesia license will provide the IV anesthesia.

How does general anesthesia work?

General anesthesia interrupts the nerve signals in your body. It stops your brain from feeling pain during surgery and creates a state of amnesia, preventing you from remembering it.

What happens before a IV sedation?

Before you have anesthesia, you have an appointment with the person performing your sedation. They ask you about any medication you're taking, your allergies, your health history, and whether you've had an anesthetic in the past. Be sure to come prepared. They ask these questions to keep you safe.

What happens during general anesthesia or IV sedation?

On the day of surgery, you are required to have empty stomach for minimum of 6 hours. No drinking or eating for 6 hours is absolutely needed to ensure your safety while delivering the anesthesia. This includes water and coffee as well. Once you are in the surgery room and all the proper monitors are attached to you, your doctor or anesthesiologist places an IV line in your hand or arm to carry the anesthesia. You may also inhale gas at the same time. It doesn't take long to kick in — you're usually asleep in two or three minutes.

All members of the team monitor your vitals throughout the procedure to ensure you remain safe while you’re unconscious.

Once the anesthesia is worn off, you will be discharged from the clinic with an escort/guardian who will take you home. It is very important that you bring somebody who can take you home or drive you home safely.

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